Saturday, July 12, 2008

In May..

Time goes by so quickly... I've been creating many knitted objects and it seems as though they have all been a surprise so it's a bit difficult to share when I'm trying to keep a secret. I'm not that great at keeping gifts a secret to begin with so I find that silence is the best way. But nearly all of the knitted objects have been gifted so I'm finally able to show them off.

My friend Jamie should be giving birth any minute now but back in May, her sister threw a baby shower for her and she received many crafty things for the baby. We all got to design a onesie for the baby during the shower. This was so much fun! It kept us busy for over an hour. Here are the two that I created:
Gift opening finally arrived and the secrets could be shared!
Knitted Pickles for the prego:
A hat for the baby (this kid will be the best outfitted kid ever! She received four knitted ones from grandma, one from me, and several other crafty ones from various relatives):
And Finally, a blanket to keep the little baby gal warm. The yarn for this piece was dyed with Jamie in February. I told her it was for a baby sweater for Alice and that way she self selected the color. Tricky, huh? I taught the pattern at Borealis in April and by May, it was ready to be gifted.