Monday, April 26, 2010

Jobs Jobs and More Jobs

Ok, so I've been knitting frantically but just don't feel like taking pics right now so you'll have to come to Tuesday knit night to see the progress.
On other news, the jobs are starting to open up. Grant has now applied to four jobs and I got the job I wanted in my current district- all good news. We're still playing the waiting game as far as interviews go for Grant but things are hopeful right now and that's always good. The next month we'll maybe know more but I'm not very patient so there will be loads of loads of knitting going on. Hopefully, I will be buying the new camera soon and will be inspired to post more photos. Wish me luck.
For the meantime, how about another wedding photo?

Pretty funny, huh? This is me amongst all the tissue paper pom poms mom and I put together. A whole lot of work but they were fun to make and they looked great. I have them hanging in my classroom now and I still love them!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Job Interviews

Lucky, lucky, lucky....I have two interviews on Monday. Yes, they are in my current school district and yes I've gotten every job I've applied for in this school district. So wouldn't it be cool if I got both jobs?!?!?! What an honor!! Oh, did I mention that under my current contract, I am guaranteed an interview? Oops, minor detail. Anyway, wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring=Job Hunting Season

Well, it's official. I have now applied to the O________ School District five times in my lifetime. Now I know what you're thinking, don't you already work for them? Why yes, yes I do! They must love to see me apply though because every single time I have been moved from one school to the next, I've had to reapply for the chance to interview for a job that I already have applied to. Interesting, isn't it? One would think that since you have answered the same questions five times and have submitted the same resume, letters of recommendation, copy of transcripts and license that they would already have it on file somewhere in their large collection of files. But apparently if you already work for them or not, you are a stranger and must be treated as such. I would think they would know me pretty well by now since they've hired me four times already! Cross your fingers for the fifth and possibly final time I have to apply to my own school district! :)