Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As most of you know, at least the ones who are my close friends and who even know about this blog, G and I got engaged in August. He proposed to me at the state's largest municipal park in Minnesota that happens to be in the town he currently lives in. It was a beautiful day and we were talking wedding plans, sitting by the water on a very pointy rock. My bum was beginning to ache and I had to stand up before he had the chance to get the words out but once we were back on the trail, he got my attention and asked me if after all the wedding plans were completed and the day was over, would I still choose him? I nearly threw the ring off that I was currently wearing and couldn't get my engagement ring on due to the sweaty palms I had gotten from walking in the woods. What an amazing feeling... what an amazing guy.... we are so lucky.

Noah and his pumpkins

Noah had a difficult time deciding what he was gong to be for Halloween last year... Thomas' Engineer or a pumpkin. Back and forth, back and forth.... I like to think that I helped him along a little when I told his dad, Jamie, my brother, that I could make him a hat for his pumpkin costume. We met at a park in early October to hand it off and Noah was SUPER excited. He did inform me though that he wasn't going to be a pumpkin this year. Two weeks later, the hat was on, the trick-or-treat bags were out and he and Alice, the princess, were off to scavenge the neighborhood.

Mina & Mischa

Check out these cuties... This photo was taken last summer at my family's farm in Wisconsin. Grant and I let Mina and Mischa roam around the large grassy lawn for a bit of exercise and family entertainment. Mischa went wild and ran all over the place but our slow little Mina rambled here and there and didn't go too far from where we originally set her down. Not at all like this morning when I had her out on the couch and she ran from one side to the other, under the lap blanket I had on and across the computer keys, near the edge of the couch before I caught her... I guess she's a morning hedgehog not an early afternoon hedgie.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Look What I learned!

Check out the cool video of the backward knitting technique. Ok, so I learned the technique AND I learned how to add videos from Youtube to my blog. Cool huh?