Sunday, February 28, 2010

Food Art

Have you ever eaten such a beauty? In August, my knitting buddies and I decided that a field trip was in order to purchase some breast enhancement apparel. Of course, this day included some shopping and lunch. The CATERPiLLAR was an amazing delicious and visually appealing as well. Aubree high recommends Tiger Sushi to anyone desiring a fix and after my experience there, I'm a supporter too.

Knitting Buddies

The wedding photos continue... Here's one of my knitting buddies at the wedding. It was great to see some yarn action at our special event.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My creative juices flow today

This is what I've been working on at school this week.... Can you see what it is? I made glaze samples for my little friends so that they can see exactly what color is in that mysterious jar of liquid. One student called them cookies and said she wanted to eat one before it was fired so that it wouldn't be burnt. And another students called them biscuits and wanted to eat them after the firing was complete. Do you really think a student will eat them if they are glued to the top of the jars? I guess we'll find out. I'm hoping the answer is NO!

Monday, February 22, 2010


There are so many breathtaking photos from the wedding that I thought I might share a few of my favorites. Our photographer, Robert Meyer, is from Red Wing and specializes in "fine documentary wedding photography with a quirky, journalistic twist." We even made it onto his newly revised website. Alice and mom are there as well.... What an amazing day. I haven't printed any of the photos yet, but I have spent many hours viewing them and remembering our beautiful day.

Hats, Hats, & more Hats

If I created a knitting book, it would most likely include hats... lots of hats.... especially kids' hats. One hat for Alice and two hats for Noah. Gotta love kids' hats. Great to experiment with and quick to knit.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Longing for Spring

Do you think it will arrive anytime soon? I haven't gone skiing once this winter so it seems like such a waste.... the snow is here for no reason and this sits waiting patiently for me and some fine weather.


Most days everything goes as one plans. Get up, ready yourself for the day, work of some sort, and then home again for some family time and rest. Most days are like this. But my days are filled with the loneliness that comes from living away from one's spouse. My days are filled with longing to live near him, see him in his lounge pants, watch him play those insanely annoying video games, touch him and know that he is near. Our hopes continue into the spring. Will it work out this time around? Will the stars align so that we can live within the same walls and have a "normal" life as others around us do? Will I hear the cry of a newborn in the near future or will the waiting persist?