Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Busy Month

I always seem to write when I have some time off from school. I need that time to reflect on what has been going on and more importantly time to get all my pictures downloaded to my computer, edited on Photoshop, and then finally uploaded here. Besides, I would rather be living life than just documenting it.
So, here is the latest....

Feb. 23: 
Baby shower for a kickball friend, Liz. I actually made a fruit pizza from scratch. Believe it or not! There was an entire fruit theme as Liz's parents own a blueberry farm and I made a blueberry and strawberry hat for the expected bundle of joy.

Feb. 24
Jamie, my spinning buddy, and I had a blast on Sunday! We spent the better part of the day dyeing Coopsworth fiber that we purchased last year at Shepherd's Harvest from Hidden Valley Farm and Woolen Mill. This was our third meeting of the minds and we finally have it all figured out. Our dyes were already mixed with vinegar and water but Jamie learned a new technique from a class at Creative Fibers. We experimented with the sprinkle technique using our previously mixed dyes and added some additional powder. The results are amazing!

Isn't she a cutie!!!! And such a safety girl.
 In the pot...
After its steam..
Yet another beauty...

Feb. 28
I finally finished Gabrielle's baby kimono and matching hat. After a bit of help from my friends at Borealis, I discovered how to draw the i-cord tie through the side seam and around the back for the closure. Those pesky things called directions are always difficult to follow if you don't read all the details. OOPS!
OHH!! Is that what they meant when they said, "Sew side seams leaving 1/2 in unsewn on right side seam for tie...."

March 1:
So this isn't knitting related BUT it is an interesting bit that happened this month. Grant and I decided to take a mini-break to St. Peter, MN. We're interested in the town for a possible move in the future. It's located between our parents and it is small enough for Grant and close enough to the cities for me. A very nice compromise, now if we could only get jobs there! We stayed at the only bed and breakfast in town, The March Hare, and it was fabulous. The house is decorated beautifully with bold colors on the walls and large paintings in random styles throughout. Check out the "snack" we received when we arrived.....
You think it looks good, imagine how it tasted!!!!!

Update to be continued....

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Trinity said...

Your roving looks beautiful! I was excited to see that Jamie is now getting blog press on two blogs.