Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As most of you know, at least the ones who are my close friends and who even know about this blog, G and I got engaged in August. He proposed to me at the state's largest municipal park in Minnesota that happens to be in the town he currently lives in. It was a beautiful day and we were talking wedding plans, sitting by the water on a very pointy rock. My bum was beginning to ache and I had to stand up before he had the chance to get the words out but once we were back on the trail, he got my attention and asked me if after all the wedding plans were completed and the day was over, would I still choose him? I nearly threw the ring off that I was currently wearing and couldn't get my engagement ring on due to the sweaty palms I had gotten from walking in the woods. What an amazing feeling... what an amazing guy.... we are so lucky.

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