Monday, February 9, 2009

Christmas Review

Christmas this year was loads of fun and took many months of careful plotting and planning. My brother and I grew up with a very crafty grandma and despite the fact that for most of our lives we lived too far away to learn all her great skills, we still were the grateful recipients of the infamous latch hook projects. I received a rainbow theme and my brother got a great 1970's orange and brown owl. I spent many afternoons trying and trying to complete the latch hook but eventually gave up and asked grandma to complete it and make it into a pillow. I still have it today... I think. My brother, on the other hand, tends to hide things that he doesn't want and then years later, they always seem to show up in my boxes of things at mom's. To date, I've found a boy scout's handbook, all the stinky moldy children's books (whereas all the good ones are in his basement for the kids to read), his old rusty Tonka trucks, his Ken doll (mom believes boys and girls should play with Barbies and trucks), and, that's right, you guessed it... his owl latch hook project. I ended up with an entire box full of his old crap that mom had been storing for years. Well, I thought, I'll show him! HA!
Guess what Noah got for Christmas this year???

He played with his pillow and a cardboard box for the better part of the afternoon. You should have seen Jamie's face when Noah opened the owl. It was so worth all the months of planning and shopping on ebay for the exact fabric and asking mom to help me sew the pillow case and adding the velcro so the owl can be removed to wash the pillow... it was all worth it. Not only does Noah love his owl but Jamie got his "reject" project back in his own house... hee hee hee.


VeganCraftastic said...

I love the owl fabric!

Trinity said...

That is an awesome gift! And, a great way to resurrect the owl.