Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12

It's so interesting to me to read Norwegian knitting blogs like Med Pinner and watch videos of Norwegian knitters. The more I observe other people knitting, the more I realize I must have learned the Norwegian style of knitting. I remember teaching myself how to knit from a video that was loaned to me by my high school art teacher. I played that video forward and backward and paused it so many times that I'm sure I must have decreased it's overall life span by several years. Now, looking back, it must have been a video with a Norwegian knitter as I knit and purl just like this:

So cool to learn about what you were taught and to make connections to the culture. Good thing I speak Norwegian and understand all the important parts... good luck to all of you!

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Sally said...

This is how I knit, too. I believe it is called "continental" least according to the lady that taught me :-)It's supposed to be faster, I think.