Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40

I was observed today at school during my Fiber Arts class. The mentor teacher that observed me walked into the room and was excited to see that we were doing batik. She remembered creating a piece in junior high school and just loved working with the materials. As I looked around the class and watched students at different stages of the project, I realized that when I was in high school, this was my favorite type of class as well. Some students were waxing, some placed their pieces in the dye bath, some were using sewing machines to complete their piece and some had moved on and were learning how to knit. My class in high school was called Crafts From Around the World and my instructor, Hanson, just recently retired. I actually interviewed for her position just last spring. I didn't get that job but I am so content with my current position that I'm pretty sure this place was meant for me. The crafts class only lasted one year due to budget cuts in Red Wing and my Fiber Arts class is also on the chopping block BUT, I write the curriculum and as long as the state standards are met, I can teach any lesson that I want. Fiber Arts may be out but with a new title of Mixed Media, the content remains. Hand crafts have a special place in my heart and the students and  my fellow teachers believe they are important so despite the name change, fibers will continue to be taught in Waseca.

P.S. I promise to show the final projects when I take a few more pictures. We're just finishing them up this week....

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