Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46

Look what was in my mailbox today! How exciting!

I purchased this book to show my Fiber Arts students. The patterns in here are easy enough that beginners can feel successful without overly challenged but are also cute enough that they hold the interest off experienced knitters. 

And FINALLY my Interweave Knits arrived today as well. G's parents gave me the subscription for Christmas this year and I've been waiting to see if it could find its way to my new home- YIPPIE, it did and I was lucky that TWO arrived at one time.

(p.s. G and I looked at four more houses today... 
nothing super great but there is some potential out there.)


VeganCraftastic said...

Eeee, knitted monsters! I'm going to steal that book from you someday, just so you know :)

Aubree said...

i love that monster book! i've been eyeing it at barnes and noble--but i've been wondering if i need the book or could just wing it myself. What do you think?

JFibers said...

Wing it yourself Aubree... just look at the ravelry pages and go for it! (want a preview- let me know!)