Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49

The batik results are amazing. Some of the students have still not quite completed their final projects but I'm pushing them along slowly and I'll continue to show all of you the finished pieces as they come in... This was my first time teaching batik to an entire class (20 students) and overall, I'm pretty happy with the results. Most difficult part of the entire process? The finishing with the sewing machine!!!! I got lots of practice and I'm doing just great at sewing but I need to learn how to teach the students to use the machine.... I do not envy Family and Consumer Science teachers at all!
M's Fishy pillow

M's covered box


close-up of embellishments

T's pencil case

detail with the velcro on the inside

K's picture frame

the back side...

Have you ever tried batik? It's so cool!


Maya, Mieko and Hana's Mom said...

Your students did an amazing job. Sorry we aren't making it for the sheep thing, I've been busy with my final paper. Will we see you in the Cities again soon? By the way, I start my new long term sub job in a week!

Kala said...

Very cool projects, I think I like the box best!