Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 53

While it may be super snowy outside, look what's reminding me of spring inside!

Grant gave me this orchid for our third Valentine's Day and it continues to bloom. I thought it would be so difficult to care for but it is SUPER simple. Three ice cubes per week and it's all set. I love her so much because of her beauty but also because my loverly gave her to me.

My friend Maya gave me this gerber daisy when she came to our place for a knitter afternoon. I thought I may have lost him but he continues to bloom again and again as well. 
A bit of water and some sunlight and it's a happy little guy.

This is my amaryllis. I received her from a teaching buddy who didn't want her. She got it as a gift from another teacher and decided she was too much work to take care of BUT yet again, this lady is easy to care for as well. A bit of water and some chit chat and she blooms repeatedly- can't wait 
to see her flower again.

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