Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 61

Regardless of how stressful house purchasing can be, how uncomfortable change is, and how terrible it is to not know what is going to happen, I am thankful for this.... I live with my husband and together we work at a school where the kids are trustworthy, honest, and sincere. G and I have been dealing with house stuff this week and I accidentally left my really nice camera out in the classroom when I ran to G's room to chat about the house. I never leave my camera anywhere!!! I really like that thing and in the past have "lost" cameras in schools that I've worked. When I returned to my classroom today in a panic looking for my camera, one student yelled to me as I came running through the door, "It's right here!!! I was watching it for you!!! And I made sure no one touched it!!!!" What a relief. Despite the stressful day and the thought of losing yet another house, it's comforting to know that we have chosen a town where the students watch your back! Thanks Sadie! Here's one of her pieces:

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Aubree said...

what a sweet story...yay to you for looking for the good things. we are constantly reminded and pushed along the path we are meant to be taking, if we choose to see. and i love that pot--does she do commissions??? :-)