Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 63

I am so proud of G and I. Look what we made for dinner.

These wontons were so delicious!!! 
They took quite a bit of time to prepare but they were well worth it.
We made two different kinds: cream cheese and pork. So yummy!


Kala said...

Unless you made the wrappers from scratch, I'M NOT IMPRESSED! Ha ha, just kidding :) Hey, you are required to make your magical texas bean thingie for my birthday crafternoon. You will not be allowed in without it, just so you know.

JFibers said...

Oh sure... now you want me to cook for you!!! I will try my best to remember what I put in it... yikes! Can't wait until next weekend so much so, that I thought it was this weekend!!! OOPS!