Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 66

oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls
So, you know when you're looking at a house and you dream about the colors that the walls could be, and the color of the new countertops in the kitchen, and where you're going to put your couch, bed, piano, chairs, dining room table.... well, in there somewhere, I tend to dream about doorknobs and kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. I know, you may think I'm crazy (you wouldn't be alone- my whole family thinks that's nuts too) but I long to have all of the metal details in my new home have an oil rubbed bronze finish...... Dorky? Maybe. But just imagine this house with all those little details...
I'll invite you over after we sign the papers... then you can make fun of my fetish for oil rubbed bronze too.

1 comment:

VeganCraftastic said...

Well, those doorknobs are nice, but wouldn't you and G prefer ones with little painted angels or teapots? That seems like more your style ;)