Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 76

So G and I had a busy little weekend last week and I've only just now had time to reflect and take a close look at all the pictures from those two days.
I started by celebrating my friend's birthday with a crafternoon event at her place. She finally turned 12 and she received some cool pressies from her friends. Of course, the one that I wrapped had to have LOTS of tape.

All the cool kids were there and that loverly on the right is now engaged!!! We missed Nicole and Aubree obviously!!!

And we ended our weekend like this:
Exhausted at 5 pm. But it sure does feel good.

p.s. I walked home from work again today. The sun and a crisp breeze on my face. It's going to be a glorious spring.


Kala said...

I'm glad I got to turn 12, 11 is such an awkward age!

JFibers said...

I thought you might like to be a year older rather than a year younger... hee hee.

Aubree said...

hugs...missed you guys too!