Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 78

Hey, I checked out the local library today and was ready to be unimpressed but to my great surprise, there are bunches and bunches of knitting books!!!! That's right folks, if you lived here, you too could check out all the wonderful knitting books that the local library has to offer. So, when one of my students walked by restocking the shelves we chatted a bit about the quality of knitting books that they had and she told me, "Yeah, it's cause we have a lot of old ladies that like to knit." WEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! We may not be old  folks, but we sure do like to knit and now I'm going to tell my fiber arts students to get their behinds to the library and check out some of those books.
P.S. My principal is with the band students on their trip to Walt Disney World and she sent a special email to all the staff reporting that everyone was doing well and a p.s. to me that one of the students was knitting!!! ALLLLLL RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

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