Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 87

Ok people, apparently you don't like it when I don't post any photos so here's one just for you!
Aubree you would be so proud of me. I went to the store tonight and saw that they had garlic naan (unbelievable for this small town). It is so delicious! And what goes with naan? Well, chicken curry of course. So, I was thinking back to one evening when I was at Tim and Aubree's for dinner and Aubree made the most delicious chicken curry dish. I stood in the store for 20 minutes trying my best to try to remember what she put in it and viola'! I got all the ingredients, came home and made dinner. 
It was excellent and even cooler than me remembering how to make it, was that G liked it. Who wants to  meet us at Everest on Grand next time we're in the cities? G might actually be willing to try it now. YEA!!!!! 

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Aubree said...

YAY!!! good for you!!! i love that you made it yourself! I never gave you that recipe, did I? when I see you in may, we can make it for dinner together and trade techniques, 'kay?