Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 93

My family has big feet AND we like tall socks. Not a good combo when it comes to knitting socks for family members. My mom's birthday was in February and I bought sock yarn for her last year so it seemed appropriate that I finish her socks in April of this year (right?). I have been working on these socks for a while and have been distracted by other projects (all house related) so I thought I should get back to these before mom comes to help paint the new place later this month. 
Mom likes things to match so I tried really hard to make them twins- identical not fraternal. I was doing great right up until I ran out of yarn on the second sock before I even hit the toe- OOPS! So I did some creative work back at the top of both socks- keeping them identical where they will be seen outside of shoes- and viola' they are nearly complete and nearly identical. Here's hoping I have enough to finish the toe...

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