Sunday, March 30, 2008

Part 3- Ahhhhh...

Ok, where were we? I've told you now about our St. Peter trip, about the proposal hat, the discovery of my future engagement ring, and a few other knitted goodies along the way... I guess I'm up to...
Easter this year was a knitting extravaganza! I've been knitting a bunch of little projects for Noah and Alice for the several weeks leading up to Easter. I was so inspired to knit eggs and a basket after visiting the Y(the rest of the store name shall remain nameless) to pick up my Yarnharlot tickets. There was a series of very sweet patterns (albeit very expensive patterns) that were a must have- like a pre-Easter gift to me. I get to knit the little darlings and also have the joy of seeing my niece and nephew squeal with joy and they get to actually do the squealing. Win-win for all parties involved. So, check out the impressive (if I do say so myself) results...

Alice walked around all day with eggs in her hands.

Noah had a blast counting them, taking them out of their basket, throwing them high in the air, and letting them hit him in the head... 

The Whole Ensemble. Birds, Nest and of course the.....
Special dozen- 6 eggs for each of my chicks.

Frog Prince for Noah.
Pattern from The Crafty Hedgehog: etsy shop

Raspberry hat for Alice. Berry Cute hat pattern from Fiber Trends.

Jester Slippers for Noah. Old World Booties Pattern from Interweave Press.
Noah-o and Jen-je-o dancing on the slippery floor. Mom and Dad added fabric paint to the soles so this was a one shot dance around the kitchen.
Alice wanted her turn to try them on too.

So, all in all, I'd say Easter was a success. Many laughs, lots of food, and of course, the necessary knitted gifts for my two favorite peeps.

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