Sunday, April 13, 2008

Great Reds

A year ago, Pat, my yoga instructor, commented on my hand knit socks. As I took my shoes off, she walked across the classroom where other teachers were stretching trying a few downward dogs and getting ready to relax by talking about the latest antics of our junior high kids. She spotted those socks through all this and came right over and picked my foot up off the ground and started petting it. (She really must like hand knit socks! I had worn those things all day long for goodness sake!) When she was diagnosed with cancer last fall, I decided to make her a pair- after all everyone deserves a pair of their own. I chose the yarn, (Happy Feet, this would definitely send good karma), asked if other yoga'ers wanted to chip in a bit, and then spent the next few months creating an amazing pair of socks. I wanted an interesting stitch pattern but also something that would be comfortable on her feet during all those chemo treatments. The final results: Sensational Knitted Socks- Baby Cable Rib

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