Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Yarn Harlot

The Borealis gals and I had gotten our tickets, finished our scarves, and created our plan. It was a very fun evening. The event was very well planned. A group from the Y*&^%#$ sang a few songs, the audience all welcomed Stephanie with the Canadian National Anthem, and then the laughter began. We listened intently to her speech relating knitting to the repetitive drumming motion that Buddhist monks do. She raised a lot of interesting points about the brain's response to this repetitive movement. It's been proven to increase brain activity from 10% to 20%, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's,  and protect the mind from experiencing traumatic affects from devastating events. In short, the repetitive motion makes the brain happy. Drumming could be knitting, right? If so, I'm going to knit forever!
Stephanie had us laughing when she told the story about her beer/toilet paper expedition in 3*C late afternoon weather, her ever increasing stash size, and her desire to prove to her mom that she really can support herself by her knitting habit. The evening was topped off by some great door prizes and the book signing. Maya and I got our books signed and Stephanie held Meg's sock. A fun end to a great evening. 

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VeganCraftastic said...

Cute picture, I wish I could have gone!