Sunday, February 1, 2009

For the first time...

Every Tuesday for six weeks in January and February, my brother and I go skiing at Afton Alps. It's a great place to ski for beginners and intermediate skiers. The only draw back is that I miss my good friends at Tuesday Knit night. I'm sure they can survive without me but I find when spring arrives, I'm excited to get back to my peeps at Borealis.
Last Tuesday on my way home, I saw it for the first time.... my SUV. My old SUV. My poor dead SUV. Of course, it wasn't really mine, it was someone else's and they were happily driving along without a care in the world. Little did the female driver know that I longed to trade cars with her.
You see, on New Year's Eve day, I was in a terrible, horrible car accident. I lost control of my sweet little SUV (ETA: on some black ice) and rolled that sucker twice. It was quite traumatic, however I only realized this after I was safely out of the car with chocolate cheesecake in my hair and all over the inside of the car. Mina was along for the rolling and was none too pleased with her final resting spot under her broken tote wrapped tightly in her t-shirt but I'm sure she enjoyed the chocolate cake. I am thankful that I was not hurt and was able to climb out of the car safely with my little hedgie. I told myself and the 20 or so bystanders as I was crawling from the wreckage that I wouldn't cry, but let's be real.... I had just filled up my tank with gas. What a waste! My good friend Renata picked me up from the hospital. (The nurses were very interested in Mina and gave her the last warmed towel.) G and his entire family came to get me after visiting the remains at the towing company. They were able to get all of my stuff... I was so thankful I didn't have to see my poor SUV in its new state of disaster. I really loved that car. Strange how I became so attached to my sporty little truck..... I have searched and searched but I have no photos of her. I owned her for 5 years and all I have left is a fruit box full of cds, maps, and an ipod charger, all covered in Mina's liter and chocolate cake. But I'm alive... and things are good.


Jess said...

Holy crap, Jen! I'm so glad you weren't hurt. And Mina, too.

What happened, do you know?

VeganCraftastic said...

Geez woman! I'd heard something about your accident on Tuesday, but no details other than you were ok. I'm glad you (and your hedgie) are ok!