Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lastest Christmas knit

G's sis, my soon to be sis-in-law, loves Ms. PacMan. She loves her so much that she has a handheld game that plugs into the TV and whenever we go out to the pizza place in Wilmar, she plays and plays and plays- and that's with only one quarter. She's good. I mean really good. I don't think I know anyone better at Ms. PacMan than she is. So, when I saw this pattern I knew immediately that this was the gift for my ever so slightly obsessed future sister. It was fun to knit but I have to admit that I had to start both Ms. PacMan and the Ghostie twice because I began the chart at the wrong spot. They ended up facing the proper direction but they didn't begin that way. This scarf is reversible so there are actually two Ms. PacMans and two Ghosties on each end. It is knit in the round so you have the option of carrying the yarn all the way up the scarf. I cut the yellow after each dot was completed but then chose not to weave in all those ends but instead tied them together. This scarf will not be abused too much so there's no need to get all crazy with the ends. The fringe on the ends does a great job of hiding all the yarns on the inside. A great knit.

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