Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Christmas fun.

If you knit for one, you must knit for all. I learned this the hard way. It only took me one time to make the mistake of knitting a hat for Noah and not Alice. In October, I knit Noah a pumpkin hat  but new socks for Alice. This was not ok. Alice was very dissatisfied with her socks so the learning curve was quick!!! For Christmas, I made Noah a pillow and so naturally, I made Alice a pillow. Or rather, five pillows. The pattern can be found here for free and was super easy so I decided to make a bunch. The finishing is a bit fussy but I've knit loads of little items with lots of finishing so it wasn't anything too complex. Alice enjoyed them and they are all different shades of purple, so of course they were a hit!

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Maya, Mieko and Hana's Mom said...

Very cute Jen. I'm sorry you missed our 'cco shoot at knit night. I hope you get to watch it Friday night. Everyone did a great job.