Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18

I gave G a lovely alpaca hat a few years ago for Valentine's Day and he wears it whenever the weather is chilly. His temperature tends to run on the hot side so he's not a knitted sweater sort of guy but I have made socks for him. He likes his hat a lot but it really bothers me that it is so short. He doesn't complain but I'm tired of looking at his poor cold ears....

I'm making this one LONGER so his ears will be covered and I won't feel guilty any more.
(P.S. This is what I started when I was watching the French movies from the previous post!)


Maya, Mieko and Hana's Mom said...

Nice. What yarn and pattern are you using. Details, details Jen. By the way, I gave you a shout out on my blog. Keep up the good work!

JFibers said...

Hey Maya-
I saw your shout out! Thanks so much! Kala also gave me a shout out... it's so cool!
I'm using alpaca that can no longer be purchased anywhere because it was a cottage industry alpaca and I put a link on the word hat for the pattern link... Can you see this or not? If not, I may need to change the color of the links... Hugs!