Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32

Now what?
G and I decided to rent out my MPLS house. It was a tough decision but we feel that is for the best right now. It's so hard to know what the future holds and a year long lease is quite some time... will we be here in Waseca this time next year? Will we still be in a rental house that has brown icicles hanging from the roof that you dodge on warm days as they melt down onto your head while struggling to open the sticky back door? Will we be parents? (oh, cross your fingers for that one ladies!!!)
There are so many unanswered questions... I am trying my best to focus on this one right now and let the rest figure itself out....

What should I knit next?
My current clogs have holes in the bottom- after five years, that's pretty good. 
These are a pair I made for my aunt Bonnie last year at Christmas.

Socks are always fun... check out that green grass in the background. 
I have yarn for my mom's sock ready to go... now to just choose the pattern.
I could always attach this arm on my Kyoto sweater....

Ahhh... so many choices, so little time.


VeganCraftastic said...

Jen - there was an "interesting" hat book at knitting tonight, there were LOTS of things you needed to knit from that book ;) Look up "Hattitude" on Ravelry and check out the patterns.

Aubree said...

you should just send me that kyoto sweater--I will finish it for you.

Maya, Mieko and Hana's Mom said...

I know it's hard to have so much stuff up in the air... but you always have a new project to start, if you want to, right? Sounds like Kala has some ideas.