Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36

Today was full of errands that involved getting my house ready to list for rental and playing with some of my knitting buddies. I don't know if I've ever accomplished so much in such a short period of time...
1. Pick up prescription from my former pharmacy which they were supposed to mail to my new address.
2. Get keys copied for possible new tenants- must go to a locksmith to get the do not duplicate type of key- try two stores before going home and checking on the internet (thank you neighbor for once again allowing me to "borrow" your internet) to locate a third store and CALLING first to make sure they were open.
3. Hope on over to Crafty Planet and meet Kala and Maya. Run into my friend Jennie the Potter and give her hugs and catch up. WAYYYY cool store by the way! My first visit.
4. Eat at Holy Land Deli- also my first visit- DEEEEELICIOUS!!!
5. Drive to Three Kittens (you guessed it, my first visit) and meet Janine Kosel- co-author of this book: Norwegian Handknits. Maya gave me this book as a wedding present and it's just beautiful. Janine and I chatted about all the Decorah, IA folks we know- small world.
6.  Drive back to Joann's to pick up some materials for school.
7. Continue on to Panera for an afternoon hot chocolate- Kala's first visit to Panera. Did you know they now have a rewards card? Check it out... I'm signing up for sure!
8. Walk over to Borders and peruse the books... I'm still waiting for this to come out in paperback. HURRY UP ALREADY.
9.  And last but not least, a trip to my local Target for more plastic storage totes to pack the rest of my belongings in for the ride to Waseca. (not my first visit!)
Oh, I forgot to mention...
10. Talk on the phone the whole day with the guy delivering my appliances tomorrow and my rental management contact to arrange the photo shoot of the house, the signing of the contract, and the large sum of money I'll be handing over with the hope of tenants to follow.
WOW.... I'm exhausted. 8:30 and I'm already tucked in bed. Sleep well everyone!

p.s. I'll be dreaming of this tonight:
Stock photo: too dark to take decent photos at my place- sorry! 
 Click on it to be directed to the original website.
I bought it today and I can't wait to make a boneyard just like this one.


Becca said...

3 Kittens is my favorite yarn shop! I live in Richfield so it's a bit of a drive, but my sister lives close enough that I always have and excuse to go.

Gorgeous yarn, btw!

Maya, Mieko and Hana's Mom said...

Had fun shop hopping with you. What is that gorgeous yarn you bought? where?