Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 37

The Super Bowl...
Check out my knitting progress on my mama's sock while I was at a Super Bowl party. Everyone watched the game but I knit during the game and then watched the commercials. They're the only reason to watch, right?

See that beautiful wooden piece in the pic? That is my beloved Knitzi. I absolutely love it! It has saved me many a time from having bent needles. What a pain it is when you return  to your knitting only to find you can't work on it because your needle is lost or broken. This has not happened since I got my Knitzi. 
The black bag was made by my good friend Kala over at Vegancraftastic. This was the first bag I purchased from her when she was just starting out. LOVE IT! She saw me use it this weekend and commented on how my Knitzi sticks out the top... OOPS... I should have used my larger bag but I was in a rush when I left the house and grabbed this one. 
I hope your Super Bowls were fun. 

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VeganCraftastic said...

Hurry up and finish those socks! ;) And holy cow, you have 49 entries to your contest, you go girl!