Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 101

Change of plans... we will not be closing on Friday because the septic system did not pass the inspection. This is not an unexpected issue as we had already known that the sellers would be putting funds into escrow to pay for a replacement BUT we did not know that the lending agent would not approve the loan if the septic was deemed an  "imminent risk". OOPS... so the move-in date will change and the painting will have to wait and blah blah blah...
Oh well, we made homemade pizza for supper. That's exciting. And today was finally haircut day for G. Since moving in together, I have taken over the duty of G's official hairdresser (his mom had this honor as recent as six months ago- do you believe he's only paid for ONE haircut in his entire life?). Let's just say that I've been improving and today was "not sooooo bad." This is a major improvement from the last time. Hope your days are going well!

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VeganCraftastic said...

Bummer! Hope your septic issues get sorted out so you can get painting, cleaning, and getting your house all nice and lived in :)